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Our mission is all about expression and compassion. We want to help people from all walks of life be comfortable expressing themselves as unique individuals. Every product we make helps build individuality while growing a community that thrives on giving back.  

Hi everyone, we're Anthony and Julie and we started ExpressionCo. Born in Autumn of 2017, ExpressionCo came about when Anthony lost his job. Down on his luck and eager for a change, Julie suggested he take some time off to figure out what he truly wanted. Later that week, Anthony came in with a small list of what he wanted his next job to have "A feeling of purpose, the ability to give back, something he could be proud of,  and the ability to work with his dogs".  After hearing the list, Julie chuckled and said "you better include own a business to that list if you want all those things".... And here we are years later, J.K. there's a little more to that story. 

Anthony went to work on figuring out what business could he start. He wanted something that could help the world, while giving back to the community. He started selling stickers and digital art to keep the bills paid, while thinking of the next big thing the world needed. Funny thing, Anthony never figured out the next big thing. Instead, Julie helped him see the positivity small things can have on large groups of people. Anthony decided to go all in on creating custom art and products for people to express themselves and bring positivity. One task was done, but he still wanted to give back.  

This is where Bandit and Roxy come in, co-owners of ExpressionCo, and pets to Anthony and Julie. We're both extremely close to our pets and the animal community. We started giving back to the animal shelters we adopted our best friends from and local shelters. We would donate food, bedding and toys from portions of profit. Even though it felt amazing helping our local community, we knew we could do more to help the less fortunate animals all around America. We now feed over 20 homeless animals with every order over $20. We are dedicated to feeding over 20,000 animals within the next 3 years.

ExpressionCo was started with a dream and goal in mind, create something that could help the world, all while giving back to something we believed in. We hope with every order we can continue inspiring people to express themselves all while growing our charitable contribution. 


Co-Founder of ExpressionCo

Anthony is pretty simple in his routine. If he isn't working on tasks for ExpressionCo you will find him at the gym, hiking with the team members, or watching the latest horror film. 


Co-Founder of ExpressionCo

Julie is a free bird, always ready for an adventure. When shes not designing new items, you can find her training clients at the gym, cooking food, or changing her hair color.  


Co-Founder of ExpressionCo

Bandit is  a 9 year old Boxer Pointer mix. Rescued from a New York shelter but originally from the south. He is a thick boy who likes to sleep, eat, and go on daily trips to the post office to ship customers ideas.   


Co-Founder of ExpressionCo

Roxy is a rescued Pitbull Shepherd mix. She may be 11 years old, but she moves like a puppy still. Always needing she will be friends with anyone offering to pet her.   


New designs monthly


1500+ animals fed and counting


Over 3,000 happy customers

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